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Helen Coronato

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About Helen

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to become a writer. I envisioned myself in the cozy, private nook of my stone cottage working beneath a window that looked out on an English garden where I carefully labored over each word of my soon-to-be-released best selling children’s picture book.

Skip to the present.

There is no stone cottage (we rent). There is no English garden (I have a black thumb). There are no picture books (though there are children). There is no private corner (see children). BUT, there are books. And articles. Blogs and radio shows and television appearances and other really excellent conversation starters. All of which have given me the opportunity to be both teacher and student. Isn’t that what the best experiences always do?

I am so grateful that I am an author. There is no career I wanted more when I was a kid; there is no job I want more now. And because I am a mother who wants her children to turn their dreams into reality, I thought I should start with myself first.

A former middle school English teacher and children’s librarian, Helen Coronato’s successful career as an author has led to the launch of her public relations company The Weekend Publicist where she teaches authors and entrepreneurs how to attract more clients and make more money with the support and endorsement of press and media.  

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